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JULY 18, 2006
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Call for Firm UN Action in Response to Iranís Proxy War in the Middle East

WASHINGTON, DC - The theocratic regime of Iran is the core threat to stability and peace in the Middle East. The Iranian government bears primary responsibility for this latest crisis. The escalating conflict is a by-product of Tehran's rogue resurgence following Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's ascension to power. Trans-Atlantic concession-making with the world's most active state-sponsor of terrorism has made the ground fertile for this and future conflicts. Decisive action must be taken by the international community to reverse this destructive trend.

The US Alliance for Democratic Iran calls for prompt and firm UN Security Council action to penalize the ruling regime in Tehran for its continued nuclear defiance and for using Hezbollah as a terrorist proxy to advance its destabilizing hegemonic designs.

Two-decade-long international inaction has served to reward Tehran's systematic use and sponsorship of terrorism as a tool of statecraft, and encouraged Iran's growing belligerence. Increased economic and political incentives suggest to Iran's clerical rulers and their terrorist proxies that they are able to negotiate relief from consequences for their nefarious actions.

The conflict in Lebanon provides a preview of the kind of regional instability the world would witness if Iranís theocratic regime succeeds in fulfilling its objectives to dominate Iraq. It also puts the explosive ramifications of a nuclear-armed Iran in a clear, horrific perspective. With a nuclear weapon capability, Iran's capacity to assert its hegemonic policies would increase by the day and its arms transfer to terrorist proxies is not likely to be limited to Fajar missiles.

Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has indeed placed his "war party "- the top brass of Iran's notorious Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and officials of intelligence and security apparatus - at all levers of political power in Iran. Specifically, Ahmadinejad, a former IRGC commander with many years of service in the Qods (Jerusalem) Force, the extra-territorial terrorist arm of the IRGC, became Khamenei's selected president.

The key to putting an end to the mullahs' reign of terror at home and abroad is in the hands of Iranians' indigenous resistance movement for regime change. By all indications, a foreign military option would be strategically ineffectual and incentives to negotiate a settlement would only encourage more violence. Secular, democratic Iranian dissidents committed to regime change should be the focus of any meaningful policy to counter the core threat in Tehran.



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