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Volume VII, No. 3

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  March 2, 2010




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U.S. Alliance for Democratic Iran


Tehran’s Interference with Iraq’s Elections

This Sunday when general elections are held in Iraq, we will witness if Tehran has been successful to turn years of its covert and overt political, security, and financial meddling into political gains for its Iraqi surrogates.

We will also see how successful the Iraqis of Shiite and Sunni backgrounds will be in thwarting Tehran’s plan by electing non-sectarian and independent Iraqis to the Parliament to form the next government.

Iran rulers have tremendous amount of experience in exploiting democratic processes such as elections to advance their anti-democratic agenda. After all, this is what they have practiced for three decades in Iran. In Iraq, they are putting their know-how in practice so that the next Iraqi government would be even more Tehran-leaning than what it is now. They channel Iran’s oil money – at the expense of further economic hardship for Iranians – through the Quds Force into Iraq to buy candidates and votes.

When this ploy meets the innate Iraqis’ proud sense of nationalism, the clerical regime puts the Quds Forces and its Iraqi operatives to work to bomb, assassinate, and fuel the sectarian strife.

The admirable tenacity and resilience of Iraqi people and their deep sense of nationalism is indeed the most vital element in blocking Iran’s westwards destabilizing advance. This explains why, immediately after the 2003 war, Tehran began targeting Iraqi nationalism and assassinating Iraqi nationalist in the military, security, and political spheres by its proxies.

The secular and nationalist Iraqis must be helped and empowered in their defining struggle to save Iraq from the expansionist and domineering designs of Iran rulers. The post-election period - and until the governing coalition is formed - would expectedly be turbulent and unstable. During this period and in the remaining days until the Sunday elections, Washington needs to be fully prepared to frustrate Iran’s political and intelligence blitz and covert actions.

An Iraqi tribal leader recently told the TIME magazine that once the U.S. pulls out of Iraq, “Iran will take us.” Countless Iraqi and American lives have been sacrificed for a professed democratic and independent Iraq. It would be a travesty to let Tehran hijack Iraq and turn the whole region upside down. (USADI)


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