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Volume V, No. 3                                                                                                                                        January 28, 2008

Commentary by U.S. Alliance for Democratic Iran



The Freedom War Inside Iran

A ferocious war is going on inside Iran. It is the war the tyrannical regime of ayatollahs has declared on people of Iran since coming to power in 1979 in order to preserve its nefarious rule. At its core, this is a war over two very different kinds of Iran; a democratic Iran with a pluralistic secular system of government at peace with the outside world; and a theocratic Iran under the tyranny of ayatollahs which breeds terrorism and proliferate weapons of mass destruction.

Inspired by a long history of resistance against despots of different stripes and tapping into their inner potentials, the Iran’s people have remained in total defiance of the turbaned tyrants. Rather than giving in to the subjugation of the dictators, Iranians have waged an all out resistance against the ayatollahs rule and are bent on defeating them in this fateful war.

The ayatollahs’ regime would have been long gone if it had submitted to a truly free and fair elections and will of the people. Instead they chose to erect gallows in public, create tens of security and intelligence organs to fight back the surge for freedom, and turn Iranians’ beloved country into a huge prison for freedom advocates.

Tehran rulers have relentlessly caused wars and crisis abroad so that they could hide the war within. They deliberately prolonged the war with Iraq, which could they have respectfully ended in summer of 1982, mainly to extinguish the flames of a rising resistance inside. They brought nearly one million casualties on the Iran’s side alone, and dispatched hundreds of thousands of teen-age boys with a “key-to-heaven” around their necks as human mine-sweepers. They made many enemies abroad so that their enemy within – the Iranian people – would be silenced, ignored, and forgotten.

Tens of thousands of Iranian have been murdered by the gallows, firing squads and in the torture chambers since 1979. Silencing the opposition at any cost has been one of the constants during the ayatollahs’ reign of terror. Thousands of political prisoners were massacred in summer and fall of 1988 in what that could only be described as crimes against humanity, implicating many of Iran’s current top leaders. And, still, Iranians, from university campuses to factories and city streets all over Iran, are waging their noble struggle against the mullahs as new generation of Iranians are entering the battlegrounds of freedom.

Series of uprisings inside Iran in 2006 and 2007 have been followed by recent riots in several cities over heating fuel shortages and an ongoing and growing student protest in Tehran University campus and dormitory. On Sunday, students had their second day of protest shouting slogans like "Death to the dictator," "We don't want an autocratic rule, we don't want a suppressive police force."

Surely, the ayatollahs’ strategy of “survival through fear and terror” will continue to unleash a brutal crackdown on Iran’s democracy movement. Two weeks ago, Ibrahim Lotfollahi, a student in Payam-Noor University in Kurdistan mysteriously died while in custody for “acting against the government”. The authorities brazenly claimed he had committed “suicide,” a very common official description of dissidents’ death under torture in Iran. In fact another student, Zahra Bani Yaghoub, 27, also mysteriously died last October in prison soon after her arrest by the so-called moral police. Her death was also officially declared a “suicide.”

What is to be done? Appeasement of tyrant and terror-sponsoring ayatollahs does not end their domestic and foreign aggression. Neither does a foreign military war. Recent calls by Tehran’s apologists for making peace with the barbaric ayatollahs - justified as the only option to avoid war - is a despicable and deceitful ploy. Since it is aimed at empowering the ayatollahs and would surely guarantee a catastrophic war in later years. It is nothing short of a Chamberlinesque call for “Peace in Our Time.”

Learning from patriotic resistance of Iranians, the mullahs’ war to expand their Islamic fundamentalist rule through terrorism and proliferation of nuclear weapons must be fought back. While Iranians are free to use all legitimate means at their disposal to fight back the mullahs, the outside world must remain at war with the ayatollahs’ regime using every political and financial means, including lending political support to Iran’s democracy movement and imposing targeted sanctions on Tehran.

The day the international community realizes that democratic change from within is the only way to win the war against ayatollahs, it too will realize that this will not come without removing the political and legal restraints from Iran’s democratic opposition groups, particularly the People’ Mojahedin of Iran (MEK). By putting an end to the blacklisting of this group which is already at the center of Iranians’ noble resistance movement, the world would begin to finally stand on the right side of the freedom war raging in Iran. (USADI)


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