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Volume V, No. 1                                                                                                                                        January 4, 2008

Commentary by U.S. Alliance for Democratic Iran



2008: A Barbaric Beginning in Iran

The ayatollahs’ regime in Iran began the year 2008 the same way it ended 2007: with more gallows and executions. Nearly 20 executions, some in public, took place in the month of December alone. According to the Agence France Presse, Iran carried out at least 297 executions in 2007, which is about 70% increase in respect to the 2006 numbers.

The 2008 looks to be even more promising for the ayatollahs’ executioners. They had a strong opening on January 2, when13 Iranians including the mother of two young children were executed according to the state media. At least three of executions took place in public.

The intrinsic barbarism of the tyrant mullahs is only partially responsible for their wicked enthusiasm for non-stop erection of gallows. The “surge” in number and ferocity of pro-democracy anti-regime protests and uprisings by students, women, workers and union members is also a main factor.

In the closing days of the year 2007, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution condemning systematic human rights violations in Iran, including torture, flogging, amputations, stoning and public executions. The resolution also called on Iran to abolish public executions and stoning and "to end the harassment, intimidation and persecution of political opponents and human rights defenders, including by releasing persons imprisoned arbitrarily or on the basis of their political views."

Equally significant is the paragraph 5 of the resolution which “Decides to continue its examination of the situation of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran at its sixty-third session under the item entitled “Promotion and protection of human rights”, and, to this end, requests the Secretary-General to submit to it at that session a comprehensive report on the situation of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran.” Tehran delegation made a last ditch effort to revise this paragraph. It failed miserably.

If 2007 was any indication, in the coming year Iran would be the scene of more and stronger pro-regime change demonstrations and uprisings by Iranians seeking democratic change. Indeed, Iran's new Revolutionary Guard commander, Mohammad Ali Jafari, said in late September that the "main responsibility" of his forces is to counter "internal threats," according to the Christian Science Monitor.

It can reasonably be expected that the ayatollahs’ strategy of “survival through fear and terror” would unleash even more brutal crackdown of Iran’s democracy movement. To help and defend the democracy movement, the free world must stop paying lip service to Iranians’ quest for democracy and employ punitive diplomatic and economic measures against Tehran’s rising human rights violations. Reprehensibly, the general equation of international approach toward Iran is in effect to empower the regime and undermine the Iran’s movement for democratic change. This equation must be reversed now.

Mullahs’ barbaric treatment of their own citizen’s is the flip side of their drive for nuclear weapons and establishment of a client state in Iraq. A gross right-violator regime in Tehran would never abandon the quest for nuclear weapons. Conversely, a democratic regime in Iran would have no intention of possessing an atomic weapon or meddling in the affairs of other countries particularly its neighbors. (USADI)


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